always keep close to what makes you happy and feel alive 


I am a very reasonable person with a great sense of responsibility & commitment. This explains why I took up employment in a steady job at a law office for patent and trademark rights after graduating from law school in Würzburg (Germany).

On the other hand I have a great interest in art, which has always played a big role in my life. I love to express my feelings using my creativity.

Born in Rio de Janeiro out of Brazilian-German parents I embody two totally different worlds, which interact complementary with each other, which is expressed in my versatile personality. My parents always supported me in traveling and exploring new cultures in order to expand my horizon. This, consequently, arouse my interest in learning new languages, which are, apart from German and Portuguese, English, Italian and French. 

Nowadays, I can say that photography is my favorite form of communication, with which I pursue the objective to capture the natural beauty of the moment, worldwide, as every culture carries its own beauty. Through this kind of art I want to sum up significant & special moments that people wish to carry with them for a lifetime.

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